Aurelio Project

2014 – 2016

The Aurelio Project is an initiative of the bassplayer and my dear friend Lito Mabjaia.

what started out as a duo project morphed into a four-man formation.
With drummer Yordi Petit and pianist Tijn Wybenga, this young energetic band seeks to balance; tension and resolution,
dissonance and consonance, and the past and the future.

The repertoire is comprised exclusively of original compositions which blend a variety of genres, including:
Latin music, Afrojazz and western classical music.

In december 2013, the Aurelio Project recorded their first album, Aspire, which was released in may 2014.

Their latest album, featuring a string quartet and dutch renown saxophone player Maarten Hogenhuis, was released in march 2016.
Next to that, they toured in Mozambique and South Africa in august 2014 and 2016.