Imagine standing in a room where you’re surrounded by instruments: drums, piano, guitars, bass, synthesizers, microphones, and a laptop to record it all instantly.
This is where Robin Scherpen and Yordi Petit found themselves. Robin mostly provided the lyrics and foundations for the songs, while Yordi provided the ideas for instrumentation and added creative musical elements.
ROBIN was born from a perfect storm of musical creativity, bringing together Robin’s thousands of songs ideas and Yordi’s thousands of ideas for arranging them.
ROBIN’s two musicians got to know each other while touring throughout Germany with Dutch singer Herman van Veen. In the early summer of 2017, Robin came up with the idea to rent a cottage in the Dutch village of Peize together. The cottage, surrounded by nature, was transformed into a music studio in which they could create, write, arrange and record new music.
During those days time didn’t seem to exist; they couldn’t stop writing and recording songs. They felt that they were destined to create more music together, and set out to create a full album within a year.
An album entirely composed, arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by themselves, full of music based purely on instinct and intuition.
On 21 September 2018, they are releasing this album at the Atlas Theater in Emmen.