My name is Yordi Petit, I’m a multi-instrumentalist, not shy of any style, as long as it’s music.
Besides performing, I also teach, produce, and write.



Yordi Petit (1992) is a musician, whose interest and possibilities are not limited to only one style or instrument.
With playing drums, percussion, piano, synthesizer, guitar and marimba, he is involved in a variety of projects, that differ in musical settings and styles,
such as: pop, jazz, funk, hip hop, and music theater.

Currently living in Haarlem (Netherlands), he started out as a classical percussionist and piano player at the age of 8, but switched to drums at the age of 16.
He graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2016, were he studied drums at the jazz department.

His musical journey has led him to play in great venues and festivals in different countries with different groups, such as: The Orbit (Johannesburg, South Africa), More Jazz Series (Maputo, Mozambique), Dutch Jazz Showcase (Budapest, Hungary), Koninklijk Theater Carré, (Amsterdam, Netherlands),  Brussels Jazz Marathon (Brussels, Belgium), Wiener Concerthaus  (Vienna, Austria), and Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg, Germany).


2014: Germany tour with Circo Simonelli
2014: South Africa & Mozambique tour Aurelio Project
2015: Germany with Aurelio Project
2016: Germany, Austria and Luxemburg with Herman van Veen
2016: South Africa & Germany with Aurelio Project
2017: Belgium & Netherlands With Herman van Veen
2017: 37 show in Carré with Herman van Veen
2017-2018: Belgium & Netherlands with Arlette Hanson
2018: Clubtour Ruben Hein, support act with HEBE
2018: Clubtour DI-RECT, support act with Someone
2018: Theatertour ‘Samenloop van Omstandigheden’ with Saman Amini
2018: United Kingdom tour with HEBE
2018: Theatertour with Peter van Rooijen
2019 Clubtour Karsu, Netherlands
2019 Clubtour Karsu, Turkey
2021 Theatertour with Peter van Rooijen
2021 Clubtour Eva van Manen